Tips For Maintaining Your Washer and Dryer

Our washer and dryers are very useful and often expensive pieces of equipment.  They are built with high quality parts to ensure that they work efficiently and don’t break down.  However these washer and dryer parts won’t last forever and when they do break down, could be a major expense.  This is why you will want to follow the following tips to ensure that your machines run efficiently.

Wipe down the machine

The first thing that you want to do is wipe down your machines after each use.  This means the front loading washing machine door as well as the dryer door.  When you wipe these down you are removing any excess moisture from your previous load.  If you are using a top loader leave the washing machine door open to prevent moisture buildup.

Clean dryer lint trap after every use

This is something that I know most people don’t do.  They will wait till the lint builds up or they will do it on a specific day of the week.  This is not a good practice.  You will want to clean it after every load.  This way it won’t build up and cause you problems.

Keep your machines level

You want your washer and dryer to be level.  If the machines are not level they will bounce and knock around.  This can cause a lot of damage to your machines and parts can become lose.  Keeping the machines level is pretty easy.  At the bottom of the machine are screws. You can raise or lower these screws to adjust the level of your machines.

washer and dryer parts

Inspect your dryer exhaust vent

The exhaust vent is where all the hot air goes while drying your clothes.  This vent can become bent or filled with lint.  You will want to check it out once a month.  You will also want to make sure that if there is a problem that you replace the hose or connectors right away.