Getting Into French Country Scene

Oo-la-la! C’est la vie! Ma vie en rose. Pardon, monsieur, parlay Francoise? Sounds Frenchy, doesn’t it. It’s not pretentious and it certainly isn’t cheesy. Globally, culture is curious but always interesting. You may have yours, and you are also set in your ways. But you might also have ardent inspirations to delve into another scene. Getting into what was once the gay Paris was one thing. Today, modern, multicultural Paris is quite another environment.

Sometimes it can get pretty volatile. Your town or city will probably never even come close. And that’s good too. Because many of you might want to simply settle down into a quiet, country life. And there is simply nothing better than the French country life. Could you imagine yourself in Provence? Many Francophile readers probably have. But getting there and back, to say nothing of going there and never coming back is simply not possible.

So, to compensate, readers spend some more time in the online environment, looking at glossy catalogues, looking for French cuisine inspiration and the french dining furniture and the French cutlery and crockery that goes along with it. Of course, the French country scene is never complete without the patio layout and its accompanying d├ęcor. Interior decorating presents a few challenges for the novice.

french dining furniture

But all in good time. Learning to speak French is a good idea too. You are not pretentious. But a friendly warning to those who are merely curious. Do try and stay away from the city culture. You might just end up becoming a tad too bombastic and perhaps even gruff. Do stay in the country awhile. Things are far more pleasant and laidback. But if you were looking for peace and quiet, be warned again. Those country folks do like to have a good banter as well.